QA service

One of Piesoft core competencies is Software Quality Assurance. Make no mistake, our skilled testers ensure your app, website, or platform works as your customers expect, every release. We implement both automated and manual testing. The first is well suited for checking constantly repeating tasks, while the second provides the best user experience and audit.

QA service is an integral part of any software development project at PieSoft. Before being released, your amazing software passes through several testing procedures to ensure it corresponds to your expectations and the needs of the market and the user. We also deliver independent QA services for any third-party software solution to ensure that the development and maintenance processes are running properly and give you some valuable insights into how you can improve your product.

Manual testing

For many products, manually testing – that is, testing done by real human beings – is a vital step in making sure the application does not contain any critical bugs. PieSoft offers Manual Testing Services across industry verticals. We apply various methodologies, structured processes and best practices in rationalizing the testing spend and finding defects early in the life cycle.

The PieSoft service suite:

  • IT focused testing – includes system testing, system integration testing, regression testing, end to end testing & data migration testing
  • Business focused testing – covers user acceptance testing and customer experience assurance
  • BI testing – data acquisition testing, ETL testing, reports testing and end to end testing. Client server application testing
  • Web application testing
  • Test cases preparation using testing techniques
  • Test strategy and test plan preparation

Automated testing

Automated software testing includes many different QA strategies, ranging from isolated code correctness checks to simulating a full human-driven manual testing experience.

Testing approaches

  • Data driven testing – methodology that allows automation engineers to have a single test script which can execute tests for all the test data in the table
  • Keyword driven testing – Technique based on describing test cases by using a predefined set of keywords (actions)
  • Behavior driven testing – Approach focused on testing system behavior under different conditions

Advantages of service

  • Cost reduction – automation leads to considerable tests cost reduction
  • Time savings – tests may be launched at any time and/or simultaneously run on several platforms
  • Quality improvement – to err is human. A testing engineer can skip some tests, whereas a robot will stick to an adopted plan

Putting it all together

We all know that automation testing is more reliable and reduces testing time. But not all the applications can be done by a click of button. Human intuition cannot be replaced by automation. Sometimes it’s better top thinking in terms of “or” and use both manual and automated testing to make sure your application is in tip-top shape

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