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PieSoft team delivers full-featured technology consulting services that will give shape to your ideas and help you stay ahead of the game. We are here for you to analyze possible deficiencies and limitations, and providing you with well-informed decision-making tools in your software management strategy.

Do you have questions about product implementation?

Are you unsure how to resolve them?

Are you looking for a party that collaborates with you on device prototypes?

Even if you don’t have a detailed plan yet and are still working from a rough idea, PieSoft is the right address for IT consulting and prototyping. Our services on board support your software development process.

Examine our step-by-step tech consulting services

  • Searching the solutions for better functionality

    Proof of concept

    Is the idea practical? Is it workable? What will the users really feel about it? What do you need to build it? These and other questions can all be answered with a proof of concept.

  • Complete understanding of project’s needs

    Determining project requirements

    Cost, schedule, and scope - here are three major constraints of any project that need exuberant amount of time for developing, analyzing, calculating, optimizing and, finally, putting them together in one winning decision.

  • Verifying the technical viability of future solutions

    Writing specification

    Specification is a blueprint that precisely and clearly describes what you’re building, who you’re building it for and what the final outcome should be. We verify the technical viability of your future solution and identify potential bottlenecks.

  • Evaluating your high-level design needs & options

    Architecturing your idea

    Between preliminary ideaing and layoutting, we evaluate your high-level design needs & options, or come up with with an architecture from scratch, so that you end up with the product you expect.

  • Particular solution that will work best for your software

    Selecting the best technology solution

    That’s the choice every software development team must face. Actually, it’s no longer a dilemma since our architects consider the alternatives and advise you on particular solution that will work best for your software.

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