The philosophy of effectiveness

Piesoft provides the conditions necessary for the rapid and productive development and testing of your awesome application. Our collaborative DevOps team of IT engineers and security specialists collaborate closely to verify software and ensure there is synergy, integration, and synchronization between workflows.

Our Sub-Services

  • DevOps Research and Assessment

    DevOps Research and Assessment

    PieSoft DevOps engineers identify pain points, draw a road map and suggest tools and effective ways to fully automate deploy cycles across your company

  • DevOps Automation

    DevOps Automation

    We automate the development, testing and release of software to delivery benefits to your organization in multiple areas:

    • enhance development productivity and reduce IT waste
    • speed up time-to-market of new functionality
    • reduce cost of application failures
    • increase software development & deployment flexibility and agility
  • DevOps Management

    DevOps Management

    Consider us an extension to your architects and developers. We’re here to bounce ideas off and give you a good perspective. Whether it’s designing, planning, implementing or configuring your system in the cloud, we will give you advice and help you with reviews, guidance, recommendations and enhancements.

    Our DevOps specialists follow a comprehensive methodology based on years of expertise working with enterprise companies to implement a continuous delivery practice and adopt DevOps best practices. We are eager to assist your core group providing continuous delivery blueprint, which is a collection of patterns - best practices, code integrations, and software development kits that help you live long and prosper.

We will help you with:

  • AWS: EC2, Lambda, VPC/VPN, Route53, S3, S3 Glacier, Amazon Storage Gateway, Elastic Beanstalk, RDS, DynamoDB, ElasticSerach, Kinesis, Glue, Athena, GuardDuty, SES,
  • CI/CD,
  • Linux,
  • Docker,
  • Kubernetes,
  • Elasticsearch.

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