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Are you running into challenges related to the big data projects or implementing your own BI solution in the organization? We have affordable measures and technologies to tackle this task effectively.

Our close-knit and rapidly evolving team of Data Scientists delivers a wide range of tools, applications and methodologies for collection, collation, analysis, integration and cleaning of your data. We work closely with developers and product managers, billing, PR, QA and finance departments to create the most complete and clear analytical picture.

Business Intelligence – we visualize the data and help you make a decision.

  • BI Consulting

    BI Consulting

    Wherever you are in your BI journey, our in-house data scientists can consult you on developing your unique BI strategy or improving the existing BI solution in case you are experiencing issues with it.

    The scope of our BI Consulting competencies includes:

    BI strategy design
    • create your long-term BI vision
    • develop your Business Intelligence roadmap
    • select the best technology stack for your project needs
    • build a data warehouse
    • design ETL (extract, transform, load) processes and OLAP cubes
    • create reports and dashboards
    • choose the right forecasting technique
    • provide mobile Business Intelligence
    • Implement self-service BI
    • ensure data security
    • conduct all the available systems, applications and tools, as well as business requirements analysis
    • standardize your BI tools and prevent getting spot mismatches in the reports
    • combine numerous tools performing different analytical tasks in one effective unit
    • create a single version of truth via integrating analytical and reporting capabilities of the tools
    • perform a gap analysis and risk assessment
    • redesign your data warehouse
    • fine-tune the ETL process
    • Start Report Automation
    • design or redesign your current dashboard so that they are more intuitive and informative
    • examine the current solution and provide a detailed report on the missing business-critical functionality
    • deliver the affordable solution to cover the gaps
    • help employees adopt new technology
    Data governance & data quality
    • build your data governance strategy
    • improve your data quality assurance plan
    • test your data warehouse, ETL, reports and dashboards
    • verify your data is complete, up-to-date and error-free
  • Business Intelligence Solutions

    Business Intelligence Solutions

    PieSoft delivers business intelligence solutions that allow joining, analyzing, and picturing out information to make better business decisions and craft out workable plans and strategies.

    Custom BI Solutions

    Our multifunctional Business Intelligence solutions are made by tailor to fit your business perfectly and enable you to:

    • overcome the limitations of a packaged solutions
    • increase efficiency
    • accommodate the changes in the business process over time
    • take whatever security measure deems fit
    Platform-based BI solutions

    We customize third-party vendors BI solutions to the specific needs of our clients.

    Embedded Analytics

    We integrate analytic content and capabilities within business process applications that provide relevant information and analytical tools designed for the task at hand. Common capabilities of integrated BI modules

    • dashboards and data visualizations to display performance metrics
    • static and interactive reports for tabular data views
    • accommodate the changes in the business process over time
    • self-service analytics to empower business users to answer their own questions, share insights and make data-driven decisions
    • benchmarking analysis to compare performance metrics against best practices database
    • mobile reporting to get live, interactive mobile access to your important on-premises business information
  • Business Intelligence Infrastructure

    Business Intelligence Infrastructure

    PieSoft provide full-cycle Business Intelligence services including efficient infrastructure setup, configuration and support. Our IT experts will take care of all the challenges relating to infrastructure planning or issues such as hardware consulting or data warehouse creation.

    PieSoft provides
    • stable, secure, and scalable BI infrastructure deployment and tuning
    • Data warehouse services
    • Data preparation and integration within various types of storage platforms
    • ETL and Data Cleaning
    • online analytical processing
    • large databases support
    • Data Security
  • Data analysis

    Data analysis

    Whatever industry you represent, we know how to exploit the full potential of your data. Choosing PieSoft BI services you get the power to transform your enterprise-wide data into valuable insights, among which are:

    • customer data to understand customers behavior, identify their needs, build a successful cross selling and upselling strategy and plan targeted marketing campaigns
    • production data to analyze your focus categories and control production volume leaps
    • financial data to predict the financial future of your business and improve your budgeting & forecasting
    • operational data to monitor key performance indicators
    • supply chain data for supplier performance evaluation
    • HR data for efficient and economic human resource management
    • Medical data to integrate patient satisfaction data into your quality improvement initiatives
  • Data analysis

    Data visualization

    We believe that visualization is an accessible way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data and is an integral part of any data analytics. With us you will solve fundamental data visualization challenges, such as

    • not insightful and actionable reports
    • clutter, data overloaded dashboards
    • need to sharpen strategic focus on relevant data
    • Insufficient flexibility of data visualization services

    We transform your diverse data into informative diagrams, graphs, charts, dashboards, spreadsheets and more to ensure that you and your partners get your business insights in a handy and intuitive form. As a part of this task, we solve data security issues, as well as deliver a special UI/UX design.

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