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IoT is a vast network of connected devices that exchange critical data and interact with each other, boosting operational efficiency and bringing data analysis to a new level. IoT solutions can rapidly increase your business' competitiveness, improve workflow and enhance productivity.

At PieSoft, we deliver IoT for various domains (e.g., healthcare, manufacturing, education) and provide end-to-end software and hardware development – from your initial ideas to complex end-to-end solutions.

Our industry expertise

Healthcare & Pharmacy

Manufacturing & Construction

Logistics & SCM

Entertainment & Education

Inventory & Asset Management

Consumer Electronics

IoT Solutions for manufacturing

IoT solutions for manufacturing automate and analyze most significant operations, thereby optimizing the quality of products. Using IoT in industrial automation, you can rapidly reduce the number of errors and assure better quality control.

Another crucial reason to choose industrial IoT solutions for your business is the accurate prediction of potential machinery failure. IoT solutions for manufacturing transfer the analyzed data to the workers to quickly prevent any emergencies before the failure becomes fatal.

Types of IoT solutions

Machine monitoring solutions

Predictive maintenance

Industrial controls

Asset management IoT solutions

Sensor-based collaborative robots

Video surveillance

IoT solutions for education

By introducing IoT in the educational process, you can maximize the efficiency of school management, reduce paperwork, and build a framework for better interactions between teachers and students. IoT solutions drastically increase the quality of distance learning, providing students and teachers with live classes, interactive boards, online group work, and personal monitoring accounts.

IoT software and hardware can enhance face-to-face education and help you solve
the security and safety issues at the institution by monitoring any inadmissible activity.

Types of IoT solutions

Monitoring device usage software

Video surveillance

Attendance control software

Electronic boards

Virtual audiences

Programmable system security

IoT solutions for healthcare

The IoT development helps to maximize the efficiency of medical services. IoT solutions for healthcare can significantly improve patient care quality and facilitate the healthcare staff’s workflow.

Benefits of IoT solutions

Real-time data access & notifications

Doctors can control their patients’ health indicators, such as blood pressure, sugar, or oxygen levels, remotely. In some cases, IoT hardware can save patients’ lives and prevent emergencies by on-time measurement control.

HIPAA-compliant data exchange

We develop your IoT apps aligned with HIPAA regulations and Cybersecurity programs and protect your patient’s PHI. Building your IoT solutions, we ensure high-quality protection to enable sharing of documents between your employees or third parties with no risks.

Health data analysis & reporting system

We build IoT solutions as a reporting and analytical tool for your healthcare company. Your IoT software analyzes the collected data reported by IoT hardware, and, as a result, you get an accurate visual representation of the patient’s health status.

Accelerated & efficient workflow

IoT solutions for hospitals enhance the internal collaboration between medical workers. IoT enables you to improve asset management, pharmacy inventory control, be aware of hygiene and temperature levels inside the clinic, or track medical equipment.

Types of IoT solutions

Hospital asset & inventory management IoT

Climate and hygiene control IoT

Wearables for remote patient monitoring


Smart continuous glucose monitoring

Hospital beds with monitoring sensors

Wireless alerting devices for emergencies

Analytical IoT software for data transfer

Non-contact infrared thermometers

IoT in the workplace

IoT apps can significantly improve your working experience and bring you a more comfortable and safer work environment.

Switching to data-driven processes and IoT technology, you can reduce costs, distribute resources efficiently, and build a better infrastructure for your business.

IoT solutions for the workplace

Intelligent building / office access

Smart heating system

Occupancy sensors

IoT lightning

Networked security cameras

Handheld text scanners

IoT printers

Equipment tracking devices

Asset management IoT software

Benefits of IoT in the workplace


Sustainable workspace environment

IoT hardware, such as smart light bulbs or thermostats, drastically reduces unnecessary energy consumption, reducing waste and increasing sustainability while making offices more comfortable.


Enhanced employee experience

By using IoT in the workplace, you build a safe environment for employees, and boost their productivity – adaptive automated IoT devices, such as lighting, heating, or smart machines, create a more comfortable atmosphere and improve your employees’ workday.


A better understanding of asset management

IoT software allows you to track how each asset is performing. You get real-time data on workspace occupancy or your equipment performance and, based on that, make smarter decisions concerning your workflow organization.

IoT solutions for home

IoT apps and devices are highly applicable for home safety and amenity improvement. We develop a wide range of IoT solutions for the home – from smart lighting to self-learning safety devices.

By implementing IoT into your home and everyday life, you drastically enhance living standards and improve the quality and productivity of your routines.

IoT software & hardware for houses

Smart lighting solutions

Multi-factor authentication solutions

Video surveillance

Self-learning smart devices

IoT apps for HVAC systems

IoT kitchen devices

Smart cleaning devices

Air quality IoT apps

Smart locks

Voice controller devices

Smart thermostat

Sleep tracker devices

IoT solutions for entertainment

IoT is one of the most powerful tools for the entertainment industry. By starting IoT development, entertainment business owners pave the fastest way to growth and success by interacting with consumer data more effectively.

Benefits of IoT for entertainment


Improved advertising efficiency

Entertainment business success and advertising are intrinsically linked. IoT software helps you enhance the quality of ads and set up your target parameters as accurately as possible, collecting precise data, such as location, movement, and activities, from all the involved devices.


Personalized content & targeted outreach

IoT software and hardware collect data and analyze it comprehensively, taking into account users’ behavioral changes, concerns, and interests. The analysis gives you a clear strategy of personalization advancement, so you can suggest content to the users who are genuinely interested in the types of entertainment content you’re providing.


Reduced costs & productivity

IoT apps allow you to spend far less on advertising, eliminating ad strategy failures. Another way to enhance your business productivity is to free your employees from routine tasks, such as error corrections. Therefore, they can focus on tasks that require their expertise and, relying on automated technologies, receive the best possible result.

IoT solutions for entertainment

Voice controller devices

Music players

Gesture & movement devices

Machine learning software systems

Gaming devices

Data analytics systems

Connectivity management platform

RFID-based systems

Operations dashboard

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