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Healthcare software is key to the successful future of the medical industry — increased patient and physician engagement, accurate diagnosis, and positive outcomes.

Our experts build robust healthcare solutions and integrate them into your ecosystem to enhance the effectiveness of your workflows, improve customer service, and reduce risks. Explore how you can accelerate your success with PieSoft profound expertise.

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Our healthcare software development team combines medical and technological breakthroughs to bring you efficient medical software that helps thousands of patients monitor their diseases and receive better medical service.


We pursue medical software development strategies for big enterprises and small startups, assisted living facilities, and research centers. Qualified healthcare software solutions can be available for businesses with different budgets.


We create a HIPAA Compliance and Cybersecurity program that aligns with your budget, vision, and overall risk resilience. We protect your patients’ protected health information and offer the least complicated and cost-effective way to comply with HIPAA regulations.

Integrated systems

We can integrate other vital systems, such as the following, to make your medical software more resilient and flexible:

Claim management system

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Electronic health record (EHR)

E-prescribing software

Laboratory information management (LIS)

Medical imaging software

Picture archiving & communication system

Radiology information system (RIS)

Data analytics software

Our experience

We have extensive experience in the healthcare software development field. The following products are some of the medical software systems we have developed for large US-based healthcare companies.

CRM system for healthcare insurance company

Lead management solution

Interactive voice response system

Data warehouse for data aggregation and analysis

Integration modules for various third-party systems

Medical CRM integrated with the FDA drug database


We engineer and offer different types of healthcare software – from medical databases to a variety of telemedicine:

Workflow management solutions

  • Healthcare CRM system
  • Healthcare ERP systems
  • Healthcare supply chain management solution
  • Hospital asset and equipment tracking system
  • Inventory and procurement software
  • Laboratory management system
  • Medical billing software

Patient experience solutions

  • Appointment scheduling solution
  • Digital therapeutics software
  • Disease treatment plan system
  • Interactive health education apps
  • Remote patient monitoring software
  • Telemedicine for neurology, primary care, etc.

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