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E-learning software

E-learning systems optimize the educational processes by making them more efficient in time and money matters. E-learning software effectively organize the classes and lectures, creating
a better interactive environment for teachers and students.

Benefits of e-learning


Reduce costs

If you switch your whole education process to online – you do not need to pay for a venue. And even if you want to create a hybrid education – you will save up on thousands of printed pages.


Simplify educational process

We develop e-learning systems to provide a simplified e-learning solution for students and teachers. Intuitive navigation and interface structure will efficiently assist in the learning process.


Flexible functionality

The best way to optimize the educational process is to develop e-learning software from scratch. We integrate a tailor-made feature set and make it scalable for your growth.



With the rapid increase of remote jobs and educational courses, e-learning solutions are a must-have that provides 24/7 access and fast connection to the class, no matter where you or your students are.


Interactive content

E-learning applications in education include various features, e.g., videos, gamification, notifications, and stickers. These tricks help keep students’ attention and engage them in the learning materials.



Each e-learning software user can adjust the application to suit their personal needs. Personalization includes switching channels, moving dashboards, or creating your panels and folders.

Who needs e-learning software development

Companies providing training programs for employees

Courses providers

Online schools

Schools switching to a hybrid education

Solutions we build

We engineer various forms of e-learning systems for different purposes and educational approaches.

Computer managed learning (CML)

Computer assisted learning (CAL)

Synchronous online learning

Asynchronous online learning

Linear learning

Adaptive learning

Interactive online learning

Individual online learning

Collaborative online learning

Systems we integrate

Content management systems



HR software

Knowledge management systems

Task management software

Video conferencing software

Custom integrations

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