Blockchain solutions are revolutionary systems that enhance transparency and provide secure payments and transactions. Employing blockchain technology, you can decentralize data, build trust, and interact directly with all the information software contains.

We provide end-to-end blockchain system development services – implementing your business infrastructure, transforming your legacy software into an innovative blockchain solution, and enhancing your existing system with efficient functionality.

benefits of blockchain technology

Blockchain software is the perfect solution for companies interacting with large amounts of sensitive data and collaborating with multiple parties, with no intermediaries included.

Enhance data security

Blockchain solutions improve your information security by encrypting the data in a consistent chain of blocks. You can limit specific data access or ensure data security between multiple parties or departments, thus establishing control over transactions and records.

Provide traceability

The most distinctive characteristic of blockchain system design is its traceability. The blocks record each step of your financial transactions and digital information, eliminating the possibility of data leaks and providing precise process control.

Increase scalability

The blockchain system is highly flexible as a result of the technology used. You can scale the solution quickly by encrypting new data blocks, thereby developing software efficiency and improving your business processes.

Automate processes

Adding more data to the software increases the number of automated processes. Blockchain solution recognizes the current information, stores records, automatically fills the forms and allows access for specific parties if needed.

Improve document management

Automation increases the quality of document management. All the documents and workflow records are stored in the system and can be distributed to multiple departments or contractors if needed. Therefore, you can minimize paperwork and eliminate errors.

Ensure transparency of all actions

Blockchain technology is progressively structured so that you can track every user step. The system transparency prevents your business from tampering with existing data and allows you to monitor new or edited information.

Reduce risks of cyberattacks

Blockchain system integration provides high-quality protection from cyberattacks, ensuring identity theft prevention and decentralized administration. The increased security, traceability, and transparency allow you to store all the data safely, leaving no room for hacking.

Strengthen collaboration

Facilitate the interaction between your company and clients by using the blockchain system. The software collects data from multiple devices, keeps activity history, and allows tracking records while providing confidentiality where needed.

Our technology expertise

We provide comprehensive services to engineer your blockchain system comprehensively – from initial ideas to the final streamlined solution.

Hyperledger frameworks

  • Hyperledger fabric 
  • Hyperledger Sawtooth 
  • Hyperledger Iroha 

Hyperledger tools

  • Hyperledger Composer 
  • CellPress 


  • C++ 
  • Java 
  • Node 


  • JavaScript 
  • .Net Core 
  • Rust 
  • Go 

Encryption, digital signature, hashing 

  • RSA 
  • DES 
  • AES 
  • Diffie-Hellmann 
  • ECC 
  • TLS 
  • SSL 
  • SHA-1/SHA-2/SHA-3 
  • MD5 

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blockchain solutions WE BUILD

Blockchain solutions rely on cryptographic algorithms. They are the most advanced and adaptive systems for businesses that require increased protection levels and process transparency.

Real-time IoT operating systems

Anti-money laundering tracking systems

Blockchain for marketplaces

Crypto wallets

Supply chain & logistic monitoring

Private blockchain networks

Decentralized apps (DApps)

Smart contracts

Cryptocurrency trading apps

Cross-border payments

Asset tokenization platforms

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain system integration is essential for healthcare – all sensitive data, such as prescriptions or confidential test results, requires the most reliable technology.

Supervising medications

Healthcare supply management

Patient records systems

Electronic medical records

Electronic health records

Secure sharing of medical data

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