Piesoft. Document Management Software for Accounting Firms

Document Management Software for Accounting Firms

PieSoft software development team delivered a robust, flexible, user-friendly document management solution for accounting firms to streamline their workflow and significantly simplify the process of interaction with clients.


The customer, an accounting-industry professional, addressed the PieSoft development team to deliver robust and easy-to-use document management software to connect people, processes, and data and become more effective and competitive in their domain. 


The main task for PieSoft software developers was to build a reliable and easy-to-use application to work with clients’ finances and payment receipts and collect information on taxes and other core banking information. The main challenge was making the application user-friendly for the accounting firm and their clients, considering the domain specifics.


The PieSoft development team delivered document management software for accounting firms that users can download, log into, select the required document type, populate all required fields, and send the result to an accounting specialist.

Users can also access their personal account, where they can create, change status, and edit documents. It is possible to register without a password using the passwordless technology provided by the Auth0 service. A light web version of the application was also made, adaptive for all devices.

Technologies used


  • React
  • Redux
  • Material UI
  • AG Grid

Additional features

  • Google Sign-In
  • Apexcharts/Recharts
  • Formik
  • PDFTron


Document management software for accounting firms developed by PieSoft is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to simplify day-to-day interaction between accounting clients and audit-firm specialists. This solution is intended to reduce the timing of tax audits, increase transparency, and reduce the need for human contact in a post-COVID world. 

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