Piesoft. Data security solution for ships

Data security solution for ships

At facilities and isolated computing networks – such as ships, there is a data security problem when copying data from the outside. These networks use outdated operating systems such as Windows XP that are highly vulnerable to modern malware. This fact challenges ships security systems and requires reliable and easy-to-use IT solutions to overcome the issue with one simple tool.

Specifically, our customer reached out to us to build a data security solution that provides a safe way to copy updated navigation charts to the ship’s onboard computers, an essential part of ships security system.


Create a data security solution for safe copying files from one flash drive to another. To exchange data with the ship’s computers and make the data verification process transparent and reliable, using flash drives, connected only to the data security tool and the ship’s computers.


1. Prototype

We created the device prototype to test the viability and usability of the idea.

At this stage, we implemented:

Hardware data security platform:

  • Raspberry Pi board
  • Color touch display
  • Power management
  • User-friendly housing design

Software data security solution:

  • Linux OS
  • C++ development language

2. Data security tool

After receiving a positive result from the prototype, we developed a data verification tool with its architecture, ready for mass production, designed for operation in harsh climatic conditions.

We completed:

  • Circuitry development based on the NXP i.MX6 series processor
  • PCB design, DDR3, Ethernet, USB interfaces onboard, power integrity analysis performed
  • The design and layout of the device have been developed; the body was made of aluminum with a method of milling
  • Custom-built Linux OS, excluding device infection via third-party media
  • User-friendly graphical interface, SDL2 library


The customer received a reliable and straightforward data security solution to enhance the ships security system significantly. We assembled ten data verification tools in PieSoft laboratory, fully functioning and ready for production.


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