PieSoft Team at NY Party

PieSoft team NY party

Since 2019 brought us both challenges and opportunities, we wanted to do something special at the end of the year. That’s why PieSoft team decided to come along to the office on the evening of December 27 to celebrate the old year’s passing in a warm family atmosphere.

Moreover, there were various entertainment activities scattered around the office. Let’s go through them all.

Event 1: Preparty with Father Frost and his Snow Maiden

PieSoft New Year team
PieSoft New Year team

To keep the work flowing but avoid severe distractions from the main event of the outgoing week and year (our party, of course), PieSoft team was visited by fairy-tale characters who congratulated them on the upcoming holidays and handed lottery tickets.

PieSoft team
PieSoft team is celebrating New Year
PieSoft team
PieSoft team
PieSoft team
PieSoft team
New Year in PieSoft office

Event 2: WinterFighters Quiz

PieSoft team playing WinterFighters quiz

In the evening, after the massive “unpunch” (the completion of working hours), the intellectual-entertaining game unexpectedly made our night.

Five teams fought for the most imaginative and resourceful winter fighters: Grinch, Charlie, Ginger snaps, Drunk Rudolph и TBD.

The guys had to pull all their attentiveness, knowledge of their company, and New Year traditions throughout the world + festive mood to win.

Well done, everyone! Especially the TBD team! Ginger snaps and the Drunk Rudolph were appointed the second and third best teams.

Event 3: Secret ballot results

Every year we have a secret ballot to honor our most distinguished colleagues. In 2019, there were four of them:

Sugar (the cutest and sweetest one) – Nikita Adarchenko

Nikita “Sugar” Adarchenko

Swiss Knife (a person who always helps and knows everything) – Oleg Kournitsov

Oleg “Swiss Knife” Kournitsov

Hot Stuff (someone inspiring and attractive, not necessarily a girl, but, you know, nature calls :)) – Anna Mushketova

Anna “Hot Stuff” Mushketova

Fastest Draw in PieSoft (the person who quickly responds to everything that happens in the company) – Ivan Nikolaytsev

Ivan “Fastest Draw” Nikolaytsev

Guys, you are the best!

Event 4: Karaoke

PieSoft team

There is no need to prove to anyone that our company is the most musical in the Technology Park, and possibly in the whole city. Discovery of the evening: our Julia Shuchalina can get a vocal beat-down. But so far, only Konstantin Litvinov has succeeded in it.

Event 5: Mortal Kombat Tournament

PieSoft team

A moment of safe violence at PieSoft. Let’s say it’d been a long time coming. We practiced when others were wandering in the dark, aimless, wasting their potential during lunch and after working hours. The time had come. It was time to save the Earthly Kingdom or have some fun. Here are our top fighters:

Nikita Adarchenko
Anastasia Surta
Evgeny Tozik

PieSoft team

Event 6: Virtual Game

PieSoft team

Virtual reality glasses and total immersion in the world of cubes collapsing under your brutal onslaught – what could be better? Only rating of the best:

Irina Safonova
Andrey Gaponenko
Anastasia Surta

A nice bonus at every stage of the holiday program – delicious treats. Even better. Mountains of delightful holiday treat. And the bar. Especially the bar. And inevitably, a fun and friendly atmosphere.

PieSoft team

That evening we got together to have a good time and wish each other success and new victories. And it seems we were pretty good at this.

PieSoft team congratulates everyone on coming to 2020! See you next year!

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