I know what you did last summer: PieSoft Summer Party-2019

Summer 2019’s been one bright spot. This season, many interesting projects have been fast on the take-off. Our bonds have become even stronger and way more soulful than ever (Remember we took an oath, a sacred oath when applying for a job?.. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health… What do you mean there's never been such an oath?) And how much more is up ahead! But until then, it’s time to preserve these sweet memories in the jar and put it on the shelf for the time being, in order to take a spoonful a day, rainy autumn or frosty winter day, pumping up our immune systems :) And what will you tell your grandchildren first about the last summer? Right, it will be the story about ITSM Summer Party.

Well, kids, sit down nicely besides your grandma / granddad, you will now hear a bedtime story… On a sultry Saturday, August 3rd… Okay, that wasn’t that hot. In fact, the weather was supposed to be like the rest of the year - at least not very good. And there were repeated warnings in the corporate chat to grab warm clothing, plus a pile of free umbrellas was noticed on the spot, just in case. Nevertheless, the day turned out to be surprisingly warm and comfortable to spite all the forecasts.

The PieSoft Summer Party was traditionally held at the Borovaya Active Recreation Center where everybody eager for fun and all got by two comfortable buses just in 20 minutes from the city center. Some people noticed that this trip lacked a complete immersion in public transport mode, though. Imagine there was no rush hour crowd, noone is pressing against you… boring :)

On the spot, the guys were met by a nice DJ set...

... and the long-awaited outdoor laser tag and paintball challenges. So, after a take-no-prisoners briefing, many of us just blended right in the area and disappeared for three hours.

Those who prefer alternative activities were given balls, beer and various snacks.

And our HR Julia Shuchalina said all her goodbyes and left to go and sing karaoke. By the way, her singing became a worthy addition to the background music: one could hear her well from afar :)

The others decided to kick the football…

... and throw it to each other.

Everybody was talking, walking and having fun.

And receiving presents.

Photo enthusiasts disappeared into the black hole of the photo zone.

Barbecue was plentiful … Indeed, for the first time in their lives did many see such a barbecue conveyor.

Maybe that was the reason why the “soldiers” began to return from the “war” - the table was always set and they were most welcome.

It wasn’t without victims, unfortunately. Our PM Nikita Adarchenko somehow injured his leg kicking the ball. The volleyball game had even more severe consequences: one awkward move - and a Customer Service manager Olga Sviridenko ended up in a hospital with a broken leg. (Hopefully, there will be good news tomorrow, so cross your fingers). A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say. In this difficult situation, the guys from PieSoft acted as a real team: quickly provided first aid and helped the fallen heroes get to the hospital asap. By the way, here they are, up to time X, of course:

But enough of sad things. As you’ve already understood, the atmosphere was informal and promoted playing, recreating and communicating. Everyone was walking here and there and chilling in every way.

The entertainer was running competitions all day long. The girls from the customer service department did not lag behind him - Shinkai Sher, Victoria Kozhemyakina and Ksenia Lysenko, you are great! Almost no one was left without prizes.

Many talents were discovered in the karaoke zone. It turned out that Alesya Smirnova sings quite nicely.

And Julia Shmygovskaya also did well :)

On the whole, our company is very musically gifted.

And then our organizers from the design department held a lottery. Everyone who was wearing the company’s T-shirt was given a lottery ticket. Thanks to Valentin Petrusha The Thrifty who got several extra corporate T-shirts just in case, some guests of the event could also participate. There were many different gifts: champagne, inflatable pillows, sport bottles, etc.

The funny thing is that the lottery looked very much fraudulent :) After all, among the lucky ones were... those wearing extra T-shirts, as well as the director of PieSoft Gennady Schurevich, and accounting department specialists, and… the organizers themselves - Valentin Petrusha and Anastasia Surta! Besides, who are we to judge? :)

Well, a joke is a joke, but don’t carry it too far. So, the contests were held non-stop.

The extra battery charge holders got through an obstacle course race. That day, the energizer, and just a very athletic guy, Kirill Zaichenko planned to defeat Nikita Adarchenko, our last year’s champion, but due to Nikita’s leg damage the battle was cancelled.

But the absence of the main rival did not overshadow Kirill’s victory. And that day he was super-active and just a brick at all!

By the way, the only girl running the obstacle race was Sabina Zhivotok - our unbelievably active and very beautiful colleague.

Just a little further out, there was even greater fun. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the tables for beer-pong appeared, and fans of this rather unusual sport gathered around them. Kirill Dumov was the ref.

After a fierce struggle, Kirill Zaichenko and Olga Polyakova, aka the OK team, was declared the winners in the second PieSoft beer-pong championship.

And then a bus came to pick us up and bring us home to our comfortable beds in Gomel…

... And then the bus came again at 11.00 pm, this time to pick up the most active teambuilders and also took them to their comfortable beds in Gomel :)

And they ended with "happily ever after." And woke up on Monday :) But this is not that kind of a tale.


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