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System Administrators

System administrators configure the company’s IT infrastructure, maintaining correct performance of computer hardware, software, and cloud systems. Multifunctional specialists with versatile knowledge, our system administrators perform various tasks to develop and manage the resilient security of your business. We scale your business in a cloud environment (AWS, Azure, Google), provide solutions based on application needs, and install new servers, maintaining the infrastructure on operating systems (Windows, Linux).

At PieSoft, we aim to ensure your stability no matter where you are. We select a remote system administrator for your business and provide 24/7 top-notch monitoring services to cover all your needs, providing powerful functionality and preventing any operational issues. If you want to grow a successful business and keep things running smoothly, consider working with us.




Years of




System Administrators


Inception phase

  • Monitoring system and equipment performance 24/7 to identify challenge
  • Evaluating system efficiency, operation, and security processes
  • Consulting the customer on the architecture structure
  • Installing software for a business
  • Consulting the customer on the correct hardware installation

Action phase

  • Maintenance of servers, computers, and networks
  • Building the informational systems architecture
  • Troubleshooting issues and outages
  • Maintaining intrusion detection systems and configuring safety
  • Performing systems upgrades with new releases and features
  • Setting up accounts and controlling access

Analysis phase

  • Examining reasons why an issue emerged
  • Determining the effect issues had on the systems
  • Writing detailed reports focused on causes and solutions
  • Creating regular backups to prevent data loss

Support phase

  • Ensuring resolutions keep performing properly
  • Training staff on using new features according to safety rules
  • Creating internal documentation — protocols, manuals, and policies


How can you benefit from having a system administrator in your team?

Boost the adjustment processes

Starting to work with new systems or equipment can be exhausting for your business and employees. To drastically reduce downtime during initial setup, a remote system administrator helps you install and launch the systems, providing employees with scripts and manuals to speed up their adaptation process.

Reduce expenses on the systems

Regular troubleshooting together with reliable security systems, backups and patching allow your business to save financial resources extensively. Trusting system administration to our specialists, you can use high-quality systems with no additional expenses on downtime, incorrect operations, and recovery.

Improve system performance

The information system administrator is your key to the robust up-and-running internal and external workflow. Quality maintenance of software and hardware you work with dramatically enhances the user experience, ensuring seamless performance. Collaborating with PieSoft, you can ensure that your systems get constant monitoring and technical support.

Facilitate your network management

One of the main system administrator tasks is to streamline your organization’s processes, establishing the quality network and computing connections. Our system administrators develop the management structure and optimize the assets by building a bridge between the integration and uninterrupted hassle-free usage for your employees and clients.

Enhance your security

High-level security is vital for your company and customer data protection. Infrastructure system administrator engineer employs the latest security protocols, keeping up-to-date with innovative technologies. Our specialists are proficient in working with numerous security standards in multiple fields, e.g., healthcare, retail, or construction.

Establish backups and recovery plans

Reliable software systems require well-thought-out and detailed strategies to preserve information and prevent emergencies. By creating backups and recovery plans, application system administrators can immediately isolate an issue to troubleshoot while providing your employees with access to the backed-up sustained software versions.


Looking for a System Administrator?

A system administrator with solid domain knowledge is key to your business’s robust and efficient functioning.

At PieSoft, we provide you with a remote system administrator to enhance your team with a versatile experienced specialist and guarantee a safe and seamless workflow.


No matter how complex your IT project goals are, our professional business analysts will increase the product quality while reducing its costs.



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